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We provide the following services to women who find themselves in an
unplanned (crisis) pregnancy:
  • Free reliable pregnancy tests.
  • Confidential and compassionate care, a safe place to talk out your situation.  
  • Accurate information on pregnancy, prenatal development, abortion & STD’s.
  • Community referrals that may assist with housing, and medical needs.
  • Adoption information and coordination of services.
  • Prep for Life - Ongoing pregnancy support, prenatal and new parent education.
  • Resources: We provide maternity and baby clothes, cribs, diapers, etc.
  • Post-Abortion support for those struggling with the emotional effects of an
  • Thrift Shops – click here to read more about our Thrift Shops.
All of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.
Helping youth and young adults make healthy choices for life, love, and
We have a series of 5 sessions related to life, love, and relationships.  Contact us, if you
would like us to provide a speaker for your school or event.